ASUS P6T and Cosair Memory (TR3X6G2000C8GTF)


After reading through tons of Internet sites I've come up with some hardware I thought might buy for my next gaming PC.

Motherboard: ASUS P6T. I like ASUS boards. Also it seems I can run Crossfire with 2 cards and still have one PCI slot free for either soundcard or an extra network card. Perhaps the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 since I could use the extra NIC. ASUS' site is always down it seems to it's hard to check out the differences.

Memory: Cosair 6GB Dominator GT 2000MHz CAS 8 (TR3X6G2000C8GTF). It seems these are a bit expensive but they should still be worth it. I'm not sure how much performance I'd get from buying these compared to using the recommended (non-overclocked) types of ram for X58.

CPU: Intel Core i7 I7-930 8 MB.

The components I thought of keeping are:
PSU: 3RSystem Dynamic RPS550 PSU. It might not be enough. I'm not planning to use CrossFire to start with.
GFX: Asus ATI Radeon EAH4890 1GB PCIExpress 16x v2. TV-OUT
SOUND: Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer (PCI). I was kind of hoping to still use this instead of the on-board but it probably depends on the available space left after switching to CrossFire I guess.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Nice mobo, but why u don't take a look of the P6X58D-E? or the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R both are very solid for a good price.
    2- What is the price of that kit? Take a look of this two 6GB kits u can get the same or better performance that the RAM that u selected.
    3- Great CPU
    4- I don't know how good is that PSU but I would go with an Antec, Corsair, Silverstone, Seasonic, XFX, PC power and cooling or Thermlatake (only purepower or Toughpower)
    5- Bear in mind that the 4890 don't support DX11 so if u want take advantage of that u need go with a 57xx,58xxx59xx or Fermi series.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply :)

    1. The reason for the motherboard is actually the spare PCI slot which is not covered if using 2xGFX cards. Their ones you mention would be.

    2. The RAM you linked to seems to have a great and low CAL and the voltage is only 1.5 and 1.6 which is closer to the recommended according to Intel. The RAM is only 1600 and not 2000. Shouldn't you get the fastest ram possible when used for gaming? (I know there's something about CAL and timings aswell but I'm not that well into it). The RAM I linked costs quite a bit more that the ones you've linked: $378,5 (about).

    I found some 1600 ram instead and they are about $252 for the cheapest ones. Perhaps RAM is just pricy in my country right now :)

    3. I think so too :) It seems the right performance to the right price.

    4. Seems about right with what I've heard is recommended. I'm more concerned with the output - if it's enough. I might upgrade it just to be sure and get one of the recommended ones.

    5. Yes. I'm aware of this. I just figure it's a waste of money to throw away my HD4x card just to get D11 when it performs really well. Perhaps when more games get D11 an upgrade will be in place.
  3. 1- Both suggested can give u more future proof.
    2- Not only the speed is important, u also need have a good CL. More if u bear in mind that u won't see a big performance difference between 1600 or 2000.
    3- Yeah, the 4890 has an amazing performance even without DX11
  4. 1. I guess you're right. I looked around a bit more and I'm thinking the P6X58D. It's about a $100 more though. This one has dual NIC's which means I can skip my secondary network adapter which uses up one of my current PCI slots.

    2. The ram you listed seems really cheap and great. The problem is that I can't find a dealer in my country that sells them, so I'll have to find an equivalent. Corsair has some ram called TR3X6G1600C7D. They are CL7 and has 7-7-7-20 timings. Seems pretty good? They are $350 though.

    Is there some kind of "performance" charts for ram based on speed, cas and timings? Just to get an idea.
  5. hi thresson,
    I have also done a lot of research on motherboards.
    ASUS P6T is one of the best board.
    It has following configurations i.e:
    *It has LGA socket 1366 it means it can support corei 7 of 9-series.
    *It has 3x16 PCI-Express slots,it means u can connect graphic cards through bridge.
    *Also its cooling system is amazing.
    *It is best for overclocking.
    I have precisely described u.
    it has all the features that the gaming board should have.
    So simply it is future proof board.According to me u should go for this.
    if u want to take hands on next level of boards then u should go for ASUS RAMPAGE 2 GENE.
  6. And thresson my buddy,
    U should go for the PSU of Corsair.It is the best.
  7. 1- The P6X58D is a little overpriced IMO but the 2nd LAND chip is useful if u don't have and stable Internet connection and another ISP but IMO isn't a reason for the budget.
    2- Yeah that CL is very good but very expensive. Where are u from?

    U can try to look in Google for those charts and take a look of the table in this article.
  8. 2. Denmark
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