Realtek'97 sound card mixing output with input

I recently accidentally mixed my output with my input while trying to do something with my Xbox and headset.

My Xbox sound cords have an adapter on the end that allow me to plug in my turtle beaches to them to hear the game, etc. and I tried to make it so I could hear my computer and my TV without having to get up and plug them in separately every time. I accidentally plugged in my pc output to my adapter output and my headset to my pc output.

This made my old sound card pretty much fry, I guess.

Whenever I try to listen to something on iTunes it is really low quality and sounds really messed up and when I look in the recording devices list in the sound manager in Windows 7 I see that my Mic is all the way up:

and when I am not listening it alternates between 0 and 1 bars randomly.

If I am on Skype and in a call it goes up to about 2-3 depending if the person is talking or not.

The problem does not reside in my headphones as I just plugged them into my Xbox and they sound great. I actually took that picture while writing this thread, with my headphones out and plugged into my Xbox.

This is 100% a sound card issue and nothing else, not software, just sound card.

I messed it up and now I am wondering how to fix...
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  1. I would try system restore but it might not work.
  2. mister g said:
    I would try system restore but it might not work.

    There's no system restore points :(

    I will try installing Ubuntu (dual boot) and see if the problem still exists on there.
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