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I bought an i7 2600 after previously owning a i5 2500K. I am new to computer building and never OC before. Now that I bought the 2600, I am sort of regretting buying it. People are telling me that I should have kept the 2500K because I could OC it past the 2600. The only reason I sold my 2500K is that I never planned on OC and the 2600 is faster.

So my question is, is do I really need to OC. What are the benefits with and without? And does it even make a difference in gaming?
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    Not really. You could. The problem is that you'd have to do it by altering the BCLK, which is a bit risky on that platform.
  2. It's not risky, its more or less impossible. And yes, by changing the multiplier you could have had the 2600 without needing to buy a new chip.
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  4. The 2500k can be overclocked easily to 4.7 Ghz....5.0 Ghz often enuff.

    Yhe 2600k can be over clocked easily to 4.7 Ghz....5.0 Ghz not as often but it will run about 7-10C hotter unless ya disable HT.

    Going from the 2500k to a 2600 on gaming rig is a "downgrade"
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