Vcore issue (i5 2500k P8P67 rev 3.0)

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A few days ago I decided to experiment overclocking my 2500k on my P8P67 mobo using the ASUS TurboV auto tuning program and achieved a 4.32Ghz OC. When running Prime95, and having CPU-Z open at the same time, I noticed the v-core voltage was occasionally jumping to 1.47V and sometimes above this. I immediately shut down my pc to prevent damage and went into my BIOS to reset all settings. I noticed before resetting that all voltage options were set to AUTO and do not understand why such a high voltage was reached.

I am asking to those with greater knowledge in the forum community whether or not I have possibly damaged my CPU and what I should do in the future in terms of OC'ing my chip.

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  1. I doubt that short amount of time at that voltage did much damage, so I'd say you're ok there.

    Auto OC's almost always give the CPU WAY more voltage than it really needs, never mind the fact that they usually OC the BCLK too, which is totally unnecessary for and unlocked CPU.

    The best way to OC is manually through the BIOS. Luckily, OC'ing a 2500K is just about the easiest CPU OC in the world to accomplish, but there are two great guides here on the Overclocking forum to help you out, as well.

    I7 - 2600K / I5 - 2500K Overclocking Guide

    Sandy Bridge K Series Overclocking All Cores Guide

    I don't personally OC exactly as those guides show (I keep SpeedStep and C States enabled, use the main multiplier instead of the Turbo multi's, and use Offsets for Vcore, for example), but they're a good starting point anyway.
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