Are there any processor upgrades available for a FIC AU31 Socket A

I have a FIC AU31 motherboard with a Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2 Ghz processor. I would like to upgrade the processor if possible but cannot find a faster processor for this board. The computer is an Emachine T3256. Are there faster processors for this board?

I would like to avoid upgrading the board if possible. If an processor upgrade is not available then does anyone have any overclocking recommendations and how this can be done since the bios is locked down by manufacturer. I also don't want to overheat the board in this process so if overclocking is my only route then what would be a safe limit?

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    Those emachines aren't designed for overclocking, which also requires a better power supply. It's not worth it. I would use it for a spare, or sell it on craigslist before the board fails. Sock 462 and 939 boards are getting hard to find now. Some sell for a premium on ebay due to supply/demand.
  2. I actually upgraded my power supply to 460w to support the new video card I installed. Do you still not reccomend overclocking? Also - there is not a faster processor that will fit in this board?
  3. No to both. If there is, it's not worth the price. You may also have to change the heatsink. Again, not worth it. I would learn how to change out a board and back up your old files so that you can change out the board/cpu/and ram for a proper upgrade. A board that old could fail anytime; another reason not to upgrade the cpu.
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