My Shuttle XPC SN27P2 is down with a BAD INFECTION!!

Okay here's the story so far..

I downloaded a keygen.exe and ran it.
Right away browsertabs started poppin up randomly and i shut down my system to stop it.

Afterworth I got a blue screen telling me
"Stop 0x000000A5 the ACPI BIOS in the system is not fully compliant with the ACPI specification"

I don't have the option to turn it off in BIOS nor in windows textbased installation part.
When I try to reinstall windows it stops and tell me to do so in the textbased part by pressing F7, but it won't run that far.

I tried to change out my harddrive with a clean one running XP but with no succes.
I tried to reset the CMOS - No luck there..

My keyboard only works 1 out of maybe 5 times when i turn on my computer, and only for a random short period of time
then it simply just stops. I bought a new wired USB Keyboard - figured it might solve the problem but no.
I don't have the option of a ps2 keybord either.

It makes anything hard to do but with a lot of patience I managed to pull off some tasks.

I managed to:

Load optimized deafaults... No Luck.
Load boot menu and try to boot AWDFLASH.EXE + "newbios.bin" from both CD-drive and USB-flashdrive... No Luck.

It simply won't boot anything!

The only thing I really succeded was to get into Windows Safe mode, where both Keyboard and mouse works fine.

But what are my options from there?? The CD drive doesn't work so i can't Run the default BIOS software installer
that I got with my computer.

Looking at the symptoms I think I might be looking at a very bad edition of a BIOS-Rootkit virus...
But anyway i'm not 100 on it. I've spend days searching the web but i can't find a perfect match or anyone with the exact same problem.

Can anybody confirm that??

I Guess my last resort is to try and winflash the bios. But is it safe and how safe??

Is there anyone out there with the same problem or any ideas on how to save my computer???

I'll really really apriciate it!!! Anything!!!

By the way my computer is a Shuttle XPC SN27P2. NVIDIA nForce® 570 Ultra MCP

Thank you!
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  1. I use the hardrive software when all else fails. Maxblast 5.0 works with seagate and maxtor hardrives. Other brands have similar software. Also, did you try windows "restore" feature in safe mode. It restores your hardrive to an earlier windows installation. And newegg has dvd burners for $20-22 which includes shipping. I got another email promo yesterday that included one in this price range.
  2. I tried Winflash but it's just telling me - onboard bios not award bios

    It is though..
  3. Thanks! I've tried to restore windows in safe mode but it only led to another problem. So i had to borrow yet another harddrive.. The thing insn't about the harddrive though it is Something evil in my BIOS. I believe a socalled "BIOS-rootkit"
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