Need help choosing between three brands of 4890s.

Link to 4890s on newegg

I was gonna wait for the Sapphire Vapor X version to get back in stock but they say it's deactivated, it's also out gone from tigerdirect and ncix, so I've got three to choose from now.

They all don't have the greatest reviews, but the 4890 is the best for the money from what I've read.
So what would you guys choose?
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  1. i would go for XFX, great warranty
  2. yup, xfx is great coz it's warranty... :)
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    Gigabyte is the only one I got experience of because I got a gigabyte GTX 275. So yeah all of them are good. XFX aint better than gigabyte. They are about the same.

    except the Gigabyte only has a 3yr warranty, i would rather take double lifetime over 3yr
  4. Aight, thanks man.
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