Best way how to spread thermal compand on the XSPC Raystorm-Intel

Im going to use the i7 3770k with the XSPC raystorm aluminum bracket for intel. I was wounder how should i spread the thermal compound onto the cpu. I will be using the thermal paste that the XSPC raystorm came with.
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  1. just put a dab in the middle and put the cooler down, there is no need to spread it on 1155 cpu's
  2. this should help

    pea size is one option, straight line method is another while the last way to apply thermal paste/compound is via a small spade/business card.

    hope these help
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    Pea sized, let the waterblock's weight spread the paste.
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  5. Oi, might want to also post up a build log of your rig so we can scoop out your parts :) + watercooled hardware.
  6. Pea sized amount of TIM is far too really only want 1-2 grains of rice by volume.
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