P6T vs. P6T Deluxe vs. P6X58D Premium

I'm considering replacing my P6T mobo (running a i7-930 CPU) with either the P6T Deluxe or the P6X58D Premium. One main reason is that I found (too late) that the non deluxe P6T motherboard is not very compatible with OSX. One of my goals in building my desktop was for a hackintosh. My initial research led me to believe that the P6T was good, but after struggling/more research, I found its not that feasible.

So It looks like the P6T Deluxe and P6X58D Premium have a fairly straight forward process of loading OSX that uses a minimum of custom Kexts (device drivers).

My question for the knowledgeable folks here, is what are the main differences between the 3 boards. I looked at the specifications between all three and aside from USB 3.0, 6GBs Sata interface. I'm not getting too much more to my UNTRAINED eyes.

Newegg has the P6T Deluxe for 239 after rebate

Additionally the price for the P6X58D Premium for 309 (no rebates).

The differences between the two seem small, perhaps the power circuitry, perhaps its better geared for the i7-980, I don't know.

Any insight, recommendations, advice?
Also if I opt not to go the hackintosh route,i..e., like win7 more and more, would I notice any real appreciable different between the P6T Deluxe/P6X58 Premium over the P6T?
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  1. Hi. I'm looking for a new motherboard myself and I stumbled across this review. Perhaps it can help you.
  2. Thanks, that link was very helpful

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