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What parts do i need for a dual loop for the i7 3770k and a gtx 670?

Can someone give me a list of parts that i need for a dual loop to cool the 3770k and the gtx 670 only. Also i need help on the reservoir bay which one will be the best for this dual set up. Im thinking of getting a 360 rad and swiftech mcp655.
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    Read the sticky. It has plenty of links that compare the different blocks and links of where to buy them.
    Tom's HW Watercooling Sticky
  2. i am running a duel loop and a parallel loop for that hardware maybe a parallel loop to increase the flow past the motor and releave some of the stress on the motor but you will need 1 more rad for this kind of setup have a look at mine and ask questions if you are still wondering.

    this is a little much but you can get the idea tests are on page 5
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