Atlon II x3 455 3.0ghz & Asus MA88M

Hi I have done some research into the board and it offers overclocking and core un-locker, can anyone please tell me if it is a good budget board, and how much a safe overclock would be, how far do these athlon x3 go, or is not over clockable, ??

Thanks again
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  1. Many thanks for your reply, appreciated, can anyone recommend an alternative am3+ micro board, it will be going inside a lian li pc a04, two 120mm front intake fans and two 120mm exhaust fans, 1 top and 1 at rear, ???.

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    they go this high: or higher..

    not with that board might can get 4 Ghz-ish out of it..
    If you have an ATX case ..this one might do for a budget board..

    Those Ranas clock pretty nice! :D

    That is very likely a benchmark run and not a stable overclock. The voltage is at dangerous level pretty much even with water cooling. So don't assume you will get anything like that out of your chip.

    The Athlon and Phenom chips are both limited to around ~4Ghz with good air cooling. Unlike Intel chips AMD chips need to be as cool as you can keep them. Stay at 60C or less under load for longterm stability.
  3. Have bought phenom iix4 965 be instead, thanks guys for all your advise, appreciated
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