Price of ati and nvidia and performance

please say which of the follownig branded cards are better of ati Readon 5700 series and ati Readon 5800 series and give current price of those in India..

His ati readon HD 5770 -Rs:?? |
Shaphaire ati readon HD 5770 -Rs:?? WHICH CARD IS BETTER ? |
XFX ati readon HD 5770 -Rs:?? |
MSI ati readon HD 5770 -Rs:?? |
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

His ati readon HD 5850 -Rs:?? |
Shaphaire ati readon HD 5850 -Rs:?? WHICH CARD IS BETTER ? |
XFX ati readon HD 5850 -Rs:?? |
MSI ati readon HD 5850 -Rs:?? |
give current price of XFX 9800GT 1gb in India..

Which is better 20" or 22" of Samsung???
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  1. I don't know about india but in Pakistan
    5770 is Rs. 18000 [HIS]
    5850 is Rs. 36000 [XFX]
    They would be a little cheaper in india compared to pakistan
    Try to look for Sapphire one

    Good luck
  2. The cards are all the same, the differences are the support/warranty you get, if there is an aftermarket cooler attached, if they are pre-overclocked, included games or components. But when it comes down to it, the card are all the same and made by the same company anyways. So the best thing is usually to watch for good deal or sales. Also, depending on what country you hale from there may be different warranty specifications.

    As for the 20" or 22". One is bigger than the other??? check the resolution, the begger the better in most cases. Also check the response times. 2ms,3ms,5ms?
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