How can i overclock PC?

Ok guys i am a total noob on overclocking a don't know a thing about it so be easy on my noobness. I just want to know how can i overclock my processor and how much i can overclock it. At least i want it to be 3.00GHz.

My pc specs are the following:
Intel Pentium 4 2.93GHz processor 516(whatever 516 is)
1GB DDR2 Dual channels RAM
Package 775 Socket LGA
Multiplier is x22.0
bus speed is 133.3MHz
Rated FSB 533.1MHz

i took all of this information form cpu-z. Just tell me i am able to overclock to 3.00 GHz without any damage or cautions!!!!
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  1. seeing this just made me think of my old dell inspiron 9100 which had pentium 4 3ghz lol i no this has nothing to do with ur thread but just crazy how times have changed and technology has changed. (i still have this laptop to somewhere under the bed!) good cpu for the years it was around lol.

    as for u overclocking ull prob blow ur chip up and take ur house with it its that old lol or u could just watch youtube videos on how to overclock even if its not ur own motherbaord or cpu just to get an idea and try it out for ya self
  2. Whats your mobo?
  3. How can i check what's my mobo?

    I am a lot of unsure but i think it's presscot.
  4. Get Speccy and post your hardware info! @
  5. Overclocking at all is a bad idea unless you have aftermarket cooling. Especially considering how much heat a Pentium 4 produces even at stock speeds. And to be honest you could overclock to 5 or 6 Ghz and you would still have a single core Pentium 4. Meaning the only way to improve that chip is a full system upgrade. Overclocking will not help.

    And most importantly since you don't know what motherboard you have you probably have a prebuilt computer from Dell or HP or something? Those OEM companies lock their BIOS to prevent overclocking. They want you to buy a new computer not improve the one you have.
  6. That's true ^.
  7. What specs should i put?
  8. Did you read the above post? If you have a Dell or HP or other prebuilt computer you can not overclock. So unless you built it or had someone build it for you then you are out of luck.

    Also you need an aftermarket CPU cooler if your motherboard will allow overclocking.
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