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I had recently received a Geforce 210 graphics card for Christmas. I told everyone I wanted a new graphics card but I didn't tell them any specifics. I just want to know if I could enjoy Team Fortress 2 with this card.
From what I've seen, it looks like I'm going have to make a return.
Thank You for your assistance
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  1. I don't know what the requirements are for TF2 but that card is the bottom of the range and not considered to be a gaming card in any shape form or fashion.
  2. You can probably run it on very low settings, but nothing that is going to impress you. The 210 is more of a desktop graphics card. I think, THINK, TF2 is close in graphic requirements to Left4Dead2, so looking at the below charts it doesn't fair to well. If you can, I would nicely ask for a gift recipe and return it for something a little more powerful.,2445-14.html
  3. I'm going to return the card. Any good cards that cost less than 100$?
  4. well personally i think the geforce 210 is excellent good price and if you know what your doing overclocks nicely i can play crysis warhead on this card at steady 20-30 fps (mainstream)
  5. eat that bddazza
  6. NO IM DEAD SERIOUS msi geforce 210
  7. all i got on my pc is crysis warhead and dragon age origins
  8. i didnt say high said (mainstream) *medium* and yes the msi geforce has enough to play that 4.0 pixel shader i overclocked memory to 1.2gb
  9. and it runs at mainstream 1600/900 res on warhead
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