Os - raid 1 with two 250GB hard drives storage - RAID 5 with eight 250GB drives

Hello, My message title is the answer to a question I have in my study guide for Server+. I want to understand all of this and I don't. Could you lead me to an article that will help me gain a greater understanding? Thank you so much!!
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  1. What is it that you don't understand? A RAID 1 (it can only be configured with 2 drives; otherwise it wouldn't be a RAID 1) will store identical information on each drive and the total storage size will be 250 GB. The RAID 5 will store 250 GB * 7 (you need one parity drive) for a total of 1.7 TB. You can find more info on Wikipedia and other sites.
  2. Thank you. Happy New Year 2012
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