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I think my CPU fan is dieing.. But it shouldn't! It's just barely a year old.

Anyway, I noticed a loud, annoying, grinding/stuttering noise coming from the computer two days ago. I inspected it, and noticed a whole bunch of dust. I blew out all the dust, so now it's basically completely clean... But the noise is still there.

I downloaded many programs to monitor the heat of my computer, and it stays at around 38 degrees Celsius. 100 Celsius being the max.

Anyway! I've been messing around with my fans, trying to see what's causing the problem. If I apply pressure to my CPU fan, which is also my Heatsink fan, the stuttering stops.

Also, to make sure it is the fan, I put my finger against it during the stuttering to make it stop. And the grinding noise stopped as well.. Then started as the fan started up.

So!.. Is this just that the fan is off center, or do I need to replace the whole fan? .. Since it's a Heatsink fan, I think it might be a bit pricey.. Though it only seems to come from one of the two fans. ><

Also, on SpeedFan, the speed of the fan is so random and crazy. /\/\/\/\ Like that basically.

Thank you!
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  1. Yep, sounds like you need to replace the one fan that is failing. Who's the heatsink/fan manufactorer? Maybe it's still under warranty.
  2. MOST Heatsinks/CPU Coolers Use Standard 80mm Fan, Any Case Fan Of The Right Size Should Work
  3. The dust probably unbalanced the fan leading to premature bearing failure. I'd replace the fan ASAP....and if your CPU is 'ever" hitting 100C, then I would change the HS ....the hi 70's is scary for any length of tim.
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