Ntoskrnl.exe and memory management BSOD

i recently upgraded my PC, from the moment i got it i have had BSOD's usually memory management i turned voltage on the ram up to 1.6 and it stopped the memory management BSOD issues but then i would get ntoskrnl.exe or page fault BSOD when playing games for more 3 hours. I have since then reinstalled windows and now dont crash during games but still get the ntoskrnl.exe BSOD's.

whoscrashed is telling me that is a driver bug but i have the up to date driver for motherboard, GPU and hard drives. Also i will mention i have tired older drivers and that resulted much more unstable results. Someone suggested it was my windows7 so i did re install from my original disk as mentioned early but ntoskrnl.exe
BSOD occured a few days after followed straight after by a memory management BSOD. It was then suggest that my windows 7 disk my be curropt, It is OEM disk so preactivated and contains all versions of windows 64 and 32 bit, thou personally i feel unlikely.

I bought the CPU, RAM and motherboard as preoverclocked bundle, and from day 1 i had memory managment crashes would be safe to assume the memory needs RMAing ?
just not sure what i can do to resolve it i have tried memtest and passed 2 passes and intend to do overnight test that was with overclock off. Tonight i shall do overnight test with overclock on. Could it be the ram cant keep with CPU overclock ?

My motherboard is GA-Z77-D3H. My ram is corsair vengeance low profile 1.5 volts 2x 4 gig dual channel kit. My CPU is I5 3570k

also be worth noting i can never get stable prime 95 or intel burn tests every test is different and blend test never goes past a 4 hours on 2 of the workers

My main question anyone else had this or know what wrong? or can see something i am missing or just worth trying get Scan.co.uk to look at my bundle?

last added note scan does 24 hour stress test and i got email sayign my parts failed there first test this was on saturday and they not open on sunday yet my parts were shipped out monday and arrived teusday which makes feel maybe they sent the bad parts. will if anyone has ideas please let me know :D
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  1. Ntoskrnl.exe is responsible for various system services such as hardware virtualization, process and memory management, etc., thus making it a fundamental part of the system

    quoted from wikipedia so correct me if im wrong

    is your ram running in XMP? try running memtest86 to check for memory errors
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