2 DDR3 sticks in dual channel?


I currently have 3x2GB DDR3 Corsair Dominators in triple channel on my asus P6td deluxe motherboard.

I was thinking of getting some more RAM, but took apart my pc and realised that the very top most RAM slot, out of the 6 on my board, is covered by my cpu heatsink.

I have 2GB in slots A1, B1, and C1, but only have B2 and C2 available. I'm not really sure its worth the hassle of completely taking apart my pc to sort this.

Could I just grab 2 sticks of DDr3 RAM (Corsairs Dominators again) and put them in B2 and C2?

Would those two sticks even work in dual channel?

Would it work, and would there be any negative effects, of using 3 sticks in tripple channel mode and then an additional 2 sticks in dual channel?

Thanks, and excuse my ignorance, i'm still quite new at the pc building thing.
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  1. You need to read your motherboard manual for possible ram configurations. I would say "no" unless your manual says otherwise.
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