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I am just preparing to build a new Desktop, and I'm just curious about what SSDs are. I'm only asking because when going over hard drives I decided to go with a 500GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM HDD.
However I saw a 60 GB OCZ Agility 3 SATA III 6.0Gb/s SSD - 525MB/s Read & 475MB/s Write (Single Drive) for I think somewhere $2-$10 more.
I would have thought that the 500GBs would be so much more expensive, so this confused me a bit.

I plan on basically using the computer for gaming, and also house my music. I plan on playing games like Starcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic on the computer, if that makes a difference.

Short version:
What are SSD/is there an advantage to getting them?
For gaming purposes which would be better, or would there be a better option that you would suggest?
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  1. SSD- Solid State Drive. essentially, a large flash drive with nonvolatile RAM. extremely fast access time compared to hard drives. Quick load times.if the games ar installed on the SSD. Will not improve your FPS in a game.
  2. SSDs are solid state drives, as opposed to traditional magnetic harddrives with spinning platters, SSDs use flash memory instead.

    SSDs are significantly more expensive than HDDs, but they are MUCH faster. also, because they have no moving parts, they can put up with more abuse.
  3. If you have the extra money, get an SSD for Windows and SWTOR and another game or two that might fit. Get the regular hard drive for everything else. With the SSD, your computer and any programs installed on it will open very fast. Levels will load quickly in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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