Which SSD to buy?

I'm getting a SSD for a laptop, I want a 60GB drive.

Which drive should I get? I don't want to jump through tons of hoops just to get one to work correctly, with firmware updates and blue screens and such. I have a Vertex 2 60GB drive in my other laptop already which I love, but I bought that over a year ago and wanted to get a new perspective on the SSD landscape. From what I've read new drives have had a ton of problems with firmware and whatnot, and I know my Vertex 2 has worked like a dream which makes me inclined to simply buy another, but I'm open to suggestions.

Here are a few that look good to me:
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  1. These don't come as 60GB, but they are known to be some of the most reliable SSDs on the market (sata ii).
  2. These don't come in 60Gb, but they are well known as some of the most reliable SSDs available (sata ii):
  3. crucial m4
  4. hi burnley14!

    1:how much do you want to spend?

    2:laptop model ?
  5. I want to spend around $100. I've been hoping to find a good deal on a random deal-of-the-day or something similar. The laptop it will be used in is a Dell Vostro 3350.

    Just to reiterate, space is not an issue here, 60 or 64GB will be plenty. And speed should be relatively similar across all drives, since the laptop is bottlenecked by SATA 3Gb/s speeds (I believe), which leaves me with the main criteria of price and reliability. Any feedback on these would be very welcome, as well as any deals that you come across. Thanks!
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    your laptop uses HM67 chipset which supports sata 6Gb/s so you can buy sata III SSD!

    crusial m4 is one of most reliable SSD's with resonable performance! if reliability is important so i will recommend it! ;)
  7. Thanks armand! Where did you find out about the chipset for the laptop? I've had my eye on the m4 series as well, but thanks for the advice!
  8. Tips:
    before placing your order, you can google the type of your ssd and then add other words like drawbacks to see any report from users.

    Or you may read the comments from the purchasers and decide whether you are okay with the down points.
  9. here take a look at Tech Specs! :)

    all of the 2nd core i family uses hm65 or hm67 chipset! different between 65 and 67 is that hm67 supports raid array! :)
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  11. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I went with the drive armand (and fuggles) suggested. Thanks!
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