Plugged in new video card, computer takes a dump!! badly.

System Specs :)


This is my hardware before i changed anything. I am upgrading to a XFX nividia geforce 260 DDR3

First step i deleted my old drivers labeled nividea in add/remove programs. Then i turned off my computer and plugged in the new video card and happily turned on my computer with driver cd in hand ready to play with my new card.

My monitor did not turn on but everything seemed to be operating inside, CD drive, hard drive, all the fans including the video card fan. Now at this point i was not too happy and plugged in my other video card, still nothing. Then i realized my mouse, keyboard and wireless usb drive was not on.

I have tried changing ram slots, when no ram is in the mother board beeps so it is operating. i tried changing pci slots on the video card but the keyboard and mouse not activating is really concerning me.

Any thoughts on the problem? something i have no tried.

the 3 nividea files i deleted were

nividea drivers
nividea (forgot lol.)
and nividea phyx

did i blow my computer from deleting the drivers first? :-/
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  1. The only thing you left out of mention was the Power Supply.
    If your PC 'dumped' I would definitely check out the PSU.
    Depending on the card maker, the GTX 260 usually requires 36a-38a,
    dual 12v+ rating to run the card
    Check your powersupply.

    A 600 watt PSU with a dual 12v+ rating of 46a or better would be your best bet.
    I have a 550 watt Thermaltake Black Widow gaming PSU which only has a dual 12v+ rating of 35 and that's just not enough to run a GTX 260, but it runs a GTS 250 with no problem.
  2. power supply is enermax liberty runs at 600W and should operate this card without a problem. And it is persisting with my old card which i know this system can run because its been running it for a long time now >.< the computer turns on everything appears to be working but the usb ports are not and the monitor is not getting a signal
  3. How old is that powersupply?
    I had to change out one recently because out of nowhere it developed a grinding sound and would randomly shut down.
  4. only a couple years. its not making any abnormal noises and i had my computer on, running and everything operational before i changed my card. then it just stoped working properly, with the new card and the old. If it were the PSU wouldnt the fans, cd drive, hard drive etc. not turn on as well?
  5. I'm sure you did this.. but I'll say it anyways. Make sure that you plugged in both the power connectors on the video card
    all the way.
  6. yes, yes i did :P with both cards, and unplugged replugged many times lol
  7. Like the others said most likely your power supply just because it turns on dosent mean its providing the proper voltage for your system to run. Power supplies degrade over time and after a year of use they grow weaker and weaker exponentialy and i think putting that very power hungry GPU in could of been the straw that broke the camels back.
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