Put film on USB, did new install, dragged film to desktop, won't play

I played the film with VLC player

put it on USB

did new install

Put film on new installation

Download VLC

Won't play

What can I do ? It says it is 80 mb ?? Which it always was. So it's definitely the same file.
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  1. One trivial possibility. Are you trying to play the film by double-clicking or selecting Open? could it be as simple as file associations?

    Or are you opening the player and, from within it, opening the film? In that case, the file may be corrupt; have you tried chkdsk?
  2. try k-lite codec pack 7.5 full
  3. I dragged the film off the USB stick

    and I double-click it on my desktop
  4. When you double-click it, does it open your VLC player or not? If not, then it is a file association problem.

    To test this, open VLC player and use its file-open menu to open the film. If that does open it, then Windows has not been configured to use VLC Player as the default application for that particular file type

    If it still doesn't work, than the problem is something else. Please try it and let us know what happens.
  5. does it show any errors or dialogue box
  6. Yes, when I open it it opens VLC but plays nothing.

    It only showed an error dialogue box when I tried to play it in DivX, it just said

    unsupported, you need directshow filters

    or something like that
  7. Try downloading and installing an implementation of Directshow, for example at http://www.xiph.org/dshow/
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