Overclocking Asus Maximus V Formula

Hi all,

I could use some advise how to fine tune my Formula MB / I7 3770K
At the moment it's running 4.8 ghz @ 1.360v

Temps im getting with prime 95 are;
86c 92c 91c 90c

I would like to run it around 85c, so is there anything i can try in BIOS

In bios i selected X.M.P profile
Cpu volt: 1.360 v
The rest i left on auto.
I tried PLL but with no succes

Is there anything i can change?


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  1. the only way to get lower CPU temps would be to lower the VCore, or get a beefier cooler
  2. Get a better cooler.
  3. ok, i was hoping by changing some things in bios that i could run it stable with lower voltage.

    thanks anyway
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