Dell latitude D610 does not start up

I want to start up my Dell latitude D610 but I can't succeed .Plz anyone to help me?
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  1. trying to start up, as in:

    1.Not doing anything when you press power button?
    (if so, any noises, weird lights, bla,bla,bla...)
    2.Does start up, but you can even get to the loading screen or welcome screen?
    3.You get a big nasty annoying blue screen?
    4.You get other messages
    5.You can't log in Normal Windows.

    So, which one? (sorry, but I need more details)
  2. When I press on the power button I can hear some noises but nothing else .
    Thx for your help I aprreciate.
  3. Hi again! Sorry for late response I was a little busy.

    Normal noises, like fan, hard drive, or weird ones?
    Also, lights normal ,or weird flashes or something?
    Any beep codes?

    Have U tried removing battery?
    Try first to remove the battery , hold power button a few seconds, and run on cable only.

    If this doesn't work, it could be your , ram, motherboard ,monitor etc ,but it's hard not to know exact.

    Then, U better get your screwdriver and start testing things and conections or ask someone to do this.

  4. Thx I know that you might be pretty busy, I appreciate your replies,
    I see weird flashes and even beep ant then it shuts up down again. No, problem I want to be helped by someone else .Thx a lot once more.
  5. This should be your hard drive failure! Recommendations: to divide up the area, and then doing system to try, if not partition, you can find a toolbox of DOS software, with bad disk partition in some areas, and then doing system!
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