Xeon X3350 (alias Q9450 ) not fully supported ?

I have a Xeon X3350 C1 LGA 775 and a motherboard Abit IP35P (Bios version oct 08) and the reported temperatures are very high.At stock frequency it shows 45C in idle and over 50 in full load. I use Zalman 9900 LED cooler and a high quality thermal grease http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118046
Such temperatures are practically impossible at stock settings for my cooling.
Aren't LGA 775 Xeons fully supported by standard desktop motherboards and maybe that's the reason for the wrong reported temperatures?
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  1. You've been reading too many posts from the folks who claim far lower readings. Where do you live? What is your average room temp where your system runs? I live in south Texas and this last winter was the first time my system was averaging below 45c. So be happy, and whatever you do, don't be messing with your board and tweaking it constantly to get lower temps. Yours may be perfectly normal. I worked at dell several times, and the worst thing you can do with your system is remove or handle components needlessly. Most folks don't bother wearing an esd strap, and they cry when their system fails mysteriously. So my best advice ever: LEAVE IT ALONE.
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