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Emachines et1331g-03w

I received a new computer which seems pretty good other then the integrated graphics. I wonder what video card would be best for it.


Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 235e 2.7 GHz
RAM: 6.00 GB DDR2 800
Chipset: NForce 430 MCP61
Graphics: GeForce 6150SE
Hard Drive: 750 GB SATA 3.0 Gbps
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

What video card would be a good balance for this system, without having too much heat and power consumption, or breaking the bank?

FYI, I upgraded from P4 2.8 HT 2GB ddr 333 with agp x1300pro, so I'm not looking for too much here.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I guess I should have explained what I do with this computer.

    I would like to play Bioshock, Crysis, L4D2, Far Cry 2, and NFS Undercover at 1280x768 at a decent framerate. DVI is a must, HDMI would be a plus.

    Thanks again guys and gals!

  2. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Can you tell us about your power supply as well please?
  4. PSU is fine, Earthwatts 80+ 550w
  5. What is your budget? A good balance can be from HD4670 up to HD5770 based on what you want to spend.
  6. I want to spend enough to very slightly be bottlenecked by CPU not GPU
  7. Then HD5770 is your card! Gives you DX11 support and very power efficient. Price around $150-160
  8. Ouch! A little more then I want to spend right now....Any Nvidia options cheaper than that...I'd like to spend <= $75 USD
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    For $75 the best I can recommend is going to be 9800GT $ 75 after MIR. Or an ATI HD4670 for $65 the 9800GT the more powerful card by some margin and the HD4670 a reasonably good card up to resolutions of 1280 x 1024.
  10. thanks
  11. Hey ktrain, I just wanted to ask if you picked a card for this system and how much room is in the ET1331G's case? I have an HD4870 512mb and a 700W Raidmax Aurora left over from upgrading my wife's computer to a Corsair TX850W and an HD4890 1GB. She's happy, and I want to get some use out of the bits I pulled. (also have a Blu-Ray drive with an SATA data cable ready to add in if there's an open spot on the SATA power cable)
  12. I went with the HD4670 1GB from Gigabyte, couldn't be happier (at least until I get a bigger monitor). The case is roomy, but you might have to get creative with routing the wires. Good luck!
  13. Hey KTRAIN , If Yo Want A GREAT Video Card__Try Out ZOTAC ZT-20405-10L GeForce GT 240 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP__This Card is One of the Fastest Low Power_High Performance Cards on the Planet. This Card has a 4000mhz Memory Clock with Cuda and PsysX built Right On the Card and Once You Put this Card on Your System___I Can Almost Guarantee that Everything Will Be Faster.

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    Another Great Thing About the ZOTAC Video Cards is the Fact that They Give You a 2 Year Warranty and if You Apply for the Registration within 14 days They Give You an Extra 5 Year Warranty. So Where Can You Find a 7 Year Warranty without Paying Extra__on a PCI Express Video Card__NO WHERE__That is For Sure.

    I have the Baby Brother of This Card the ZOTAC ZT-20401-10L GeForce GT 240 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP_with 3400mhz of Video Memory which Costs $84.99 and with Free Shipping. I Ordered this one Before Christmas and NewEgg Did NOT Have the Bigger Card then_Kind of Wish I Had Waited Buy My Other Card was Failing and had to HAVE this Card, Especially the Great Things I Read at Toms Hardware on this Card. Yes When I Put This Card in My Dell XPS HT 3.2ghz DualCore __Everything was So Much Quicker and The Games Played with Ease and NO FREEZING UP__Which I Loved Very Much.

    This Card Make Games Like__Mass Effect #1__Unreal Tournament 3_n_UT2004_n_Cryostatis Play Very Good with DirectX 10. This Card is Made for DirectX 10.1__which might Mean that this Card will Be Prepared for DirectX 11. Well I Hope This Helps You Out.

  14. Ok i have this same cpu but i have not upgraded anything on it.. I have tried the Galaxy Geforce 9800 GT 1GB 128 bit and it worked for a bit but it would freeze my cpu up and the screen would scramble.. This system has a 300W power supply.. I seen that the ZOTAC ZT-20401-10L GeForce GT 240 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 was mentioned in this thread but can you put a DDR3 or even a DDR5 in a DDR2 cpu?

    I am wanting a card to run COD4 and The Sims 3 and Medal Of Honor Airbourne.. If someone has any suggestions it would be great.. I am looking for a price range of 100-130 for a card so if someone could help me out that would be great..
  15. BuckeyeBob69 said:
    Hey KTRAIN , If Yo Want A GREAT Video Card__Try Out ZOTAC ZT-20405-10L GeForce GT 240 blah blah blah


    If you look only at benchmarking, a 512MB GT240 scores about the same as the $65 HD4670 the OP bought. What's worse, OP got a 1GB card for the cost of the GT240 with half that. I'm sure there are reason to choose the nVidia over the ATI, but I'm not aware of any worth $30 or so.

    Not trying to be a pain, just pointing out it isn't a better choice. $89 will easily buy a 4770 or 4850 these days even without waiting for a rebate, and those are a good 40-50% faster than either the GT240 or HD4670. But to confuse you even more, you can get other brands of 512MB GT240's for $65 just as easily. And 1GB GT240's aren't much more. $89 with nVidia would pull a nice 9800GT, like the one from EVGA with 1GB of memory and an HDMI port. $89 with nVidia can get several good brands of GTS250 cards. ASUS and Palit make 512MB GTS250's in that price point after $20 and $30 rebates, respectively. $100 after rebate will double that memory in several brand flavors. And really, would you really want a 9800GT if you could have a GTS250 for the same money, adjusting for waiting on the rebate?

    The graphics card world is very unstable right now. Cheaper isn't always slower these days!

    I think the HD4850 is probably the best deal on the market if you can live with its speed. Ranking 25th on a list of 900 cards at PassMark is NOT a bad place to be for $89. Every card ranked above it is $200 or more with the exception of the very similar HD5750 which is still $140, nearly double the price. Want DX11? 5670 or 5750 is the place to be for the money, then.
  16. I bought a new ET1331G -03W emachine from Wal-mart 8 months ago for $398. It has an AMD Athlon 2.7 GHz Dual Core processor, 750 GB Hard Drive,
    6 GB DDR2 Memory, and Windows 7.
    This computer has worked great for what I wanted it for. I don’t play games, but I did buy the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It would play the game but only at low Resolution. So, I went online did some research on this machine and found out that upgrading the 350 watt power supply and install a video card would work well.
    Once I got to Comp-USA and talked to a very helpful sales person.
    I bought a new Ultra LSP 650 Pro Power Supply for $62.00 and then a Galaxy GForce GTS Video Card for $120.00 and also went from 6GB Memory to 8GB memory for $58.00 For a total of $240.00 + the $398.00 cost of the computer that makes the cost $638.00. I installed all of this in less than 20 min’s, it was very easy to do. Plug and play.
    My Windows experience Index went from 3.2 to 5.9 and this computer is awesome. My $1050 Toshiba Laptop with the i7 processor and 8GB of memory is only 4.9 Index.
    It plays the flight simulator at the best settings and works great.
    I also added a ViewSonic 22” LED Widescreen Monitor, and a Linksys AE1000 High Performance Wireless Adaptor to make my computer wireless.
    Hope this helps people wanting to upgrade your emachine.
    Randy in Florida
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