Rampage iv Gene and 3820 Overclock Troubleshooting.

Hello All!

I have been doing extensive research over the last couple of weeks since I built my new system. I have learned that this particular CPU and platform can be kind of tricky to overclock. It is a fun challenge, but can also be frustrating. Due to the lack of views in the older 3820 and R4 threads, I wanted to create a thread specific to the issues I am experiencing.

My experience thus far has been very inconsistent when it comes to tuning my overclock:

- I have been prime stable with 90% RAM for 8+ hours, and immediately crashed using BF3 or I get a random "Gray Blank Screen".
- I have also been stable at lower voltages (CPU settings), and unstable at higher ones.
- The gray screens always end up in a "Overclocking failed" message upon restart. They also usually happen during web browsing (clicking a link). It happens with CPU power saving options on or off, and in offset or manual voltage mode. I had been stable for 3 days of heavy workloads, then gotten the random gray screen.
- I have raised the Vcore, Vtt, and Vcc to levels beyond what should be necessary, and I still receive thread 5 errors in Prime95 (troublesome thread), and gray screens.
- I just ran Memtest86+ with zero errors at 2000/cl10 @ 1.53v (overvolted, I thought it was my memory giving me trouble due to the instability even at high CPU voltages).

I have tried so many different options, and when I think one is going to work, I get a random crash. I have a side question that may be related:
When I first installed Win7 on the SSD, I received an error stating "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks". Could that have any adverse affect on my system?

But back to the matter at hand, below are my current UEFI settings and a SS of my voltages and clocks. If anyone has any feedback regarding these settings, please feel free to comment. Any help is appreciated at this point.

Thanks in advance!

I have tried many different compinations of straps/multi, and voltages. Here is my current setup. Most of these settings are set as they are because it is supposed to help with overclocking:

Profile: XMP
Bclk strap: 125
Turbo ratio: 37
Non-turbo ratio: Auto
Intel SS and Cstates, all disabled.
RAM speed: 2000Mhz/ CL10
LLC: Extreme
Vcc overcurrent protection: disabled
CPU clock gen filter: 10UF
Cpu current capability: 180%
Vcore mos volt: 7v
CPU power phase control: Extreme
Vccsa LLC: extreme
Vccsa cur. cap.: 140%
Vtt over current protection: Disabled

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  1. it appears you raised the bus speed, which is your issue, if you raise the bus on i3 i5 and i7 chips, it also speeds up all other peripherals, down to USB sata and whatnot.. thus your instability

    for overclocking new intel chips the K is a must
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