Vista won't boot.

Heres the situation:
A while back I would start my pc and it would work for around 2 mins until it would randomly die. It kept getting quicker and quicker, so I replaced the PSU from 700w to 780w. Didnt fix it. So i bought a new mobo from an Asus p5k deluxe to a new gigabyte ep45-ud3p. Still shutting down. I have vista 64 and I've only got to actual desktop once before it died. I have an Intel Quad Core CPU that might be the case. Any ideas? I've reset the cmos, checked cords, damn near everyhting ,but swaped CPU.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Just for curiosity, Do you try with another RAM or HD?
  2. triple post there are two other threads he put out.
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