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Well I need to build a system that can run world in conflict : soviet assault on very high i'm gonna purchase it Hopefully Soon [550-220] is what i expect to send. I'm only going to use the computer for these two things only surfing the web , gaming.

I already have these parts
Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 B2L-00047 Black 105 Normal Keys 9 Function Keys USB Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse - OEM

Rocketfish™ - 550-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply

I prefer my parts from newegg (thats where i have a account on) Also as for brands i want the mobo from ASUS the CPU from AMD and the GPU from ATI. I won't overclock or sli or crossfirex. I also want to play world in conflict in 1280x1024.

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  1. Budget? Refer to the thread in my signature...
  2. Alright i did sorry for being so general edited the thread based on your thread in your sig.
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    That PSU is horrible. If you can, I'd return it. If not, I still wouldn't want to use it...

    A little over budget, but I'm still doing some tweaking. This should give you a general idea...

    CPU: Phenom II X2 945 Callisto $93

    Mobo: Asus M4A79XTD EVO $110 after rebate

    RAM: OCZ Gold Edition 4GB DDR3 1066 CAS Latency 7 $78

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB $55

    Optical: Samsung 22x SATA DVD Burner $27

    PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 700W $55 after rebate

    Case: XION XION II Series $50

    GPU: HD 5770 $155

    Total: $623 before shipping, taxes and combos.

    I'm hoping that the 550-220 is supposed to be $550 to $620. If that's correct, this build should be fine. If not, you can save a little by getting an HD 5750, or some addtional cuts will be needed.
  4. Ignore MadAdmiral! That PSU is bad-to-the-bone! I mean... it has the word ROCKET in its name!!! For God's sake how much better are you gonna do? ROCKET! And don't EVEN get me started on the fish part. I'm pretty sure MadAdmiral is so mad because he doesn't have one and YOU DO! Rocketfish PSU FTW! And to hell with MadAdmiral's bad advice. Hater!
  5. MadAdmiral, did you even look at the BestBuy link he posted to that PSU before you just ripped it a new one? It was averaging 3 stars from its 7 reviews! THREE STARS... here are some testimonials from actual owners...

    " What I don't like about this thing is the 4-pin CPU power connector doesn't match up with the one on the motherboard."

    "Bought the unit, after installing it machine does not power on with this PSU."

    "I just installed this today, and it is a lot louder than my previous power supply. What really bothers me is that you can hear the fan, and its making an oscillating noise, which usually indicates that its either got lousy bearings, or it uses felt instead of bearings."

    "The 1st one, DOA. Took it back, and exchanged for another one of the same model.The 2nd one, DOA. "
  6. Ok i'm just going with that and liquid cooling system.

    THE PSU is fine those guys are noobs even if you look in the manul thers an opition to close a pin to enable backwards support.

    Reason i got that one was because of my new computer i had a 300w supply and it went *POP POP POP* so i had to replace it
  7. Instead of liquid cooling (it'll run at least $200), you can get great results with an aftermarket CPU cooler. I usually recommend the Coolermaster Hyper 212. Pick up some thermal compound too (Artic Silver 5 is the usual recommendation). It will be just as good for $150 less.

    If you're absolutely going to use your PSU, you could upgrade the CPU significantly (the X4 925 is the best in budget).

    Or you could switch the case to an Antec 300 Illusion for $20 more. That's the typical recommendation for lower budgets, but I used the extra $20 elsewhere...
  8. XIGMATEK AIO-S80DP All-in-one liquid cooling system - Retail

    Is what im going with i also uped the tower size due to the reviews *its huge*
  9. That's not real liquid cooling. For a real liquid cooling system, you need flowing liquids. That's really only a heatsink with water in it.

    Take note of the noise (20-32 db for only the fan). You can easily get smaller, cheaper CPU fans that are quieter.

    It also doesn't support AM3 sockets. Take a look at for some good cooling ideas.

    Edit: Link to frostytech's review. It's near the bottow. Noise varies from 46.9 db to 55 db, temps from 39.5 to 30.7. Here's the Coolermaster Hyper 212's review. 17.2 degrees with 45.9 db. Cooler and quieter.
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