Bios recognizes drive with data on it win7 doesn't

So I needed to transfer a large amount of data from my old computer to my new one. So I put all that data on a Hitachi 1TB SATA drive and set about putting that HDD in my new computer. BIOS sees it no problem. Windows sees the drive in both system properties and computer manager. But is unable to initialize the drive. What should I do? I've plugged it the computer via a SATA USB adapter but no dice. I can't format it because I'll lose the data. Any other ideas? Should I just bring it a computer repair place?

Thanks so much in advance!
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  1. Anyone? I really need help here!
  2. If it wants to "initialize" the drive then your volume description may be corrupt.

    What does Disk Manager show for this drive? If it shows a valid partition, we go one way. If it shows that the drive is raw, we try something like EASEUS Partition Recovery, Recuva, or any of a bagful of utilities that are out there.

    (BTW, bumping a half-hour later is kind of pointless. It's a forum; the people who know the answers may not log in and notice your message until after dinner, or even getting back from vacation.)
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  4. Hey all, Thanks for the replies. I think the time stamp on my first post is wrong because I posted it at about 1 am before I went to bed.

    WyomingKnott Disk Management shows it as raw not initialized.

    Macro I'm going to give EaseUS a try.

    EDIT: HAHA pay dirt! EasUS saw it! And all my data looks fine! :bounce: According to Ease there is nothing wrong with the drive or the partition.

    Now any ideas on how to copy it over to my C drive?
  5. EASEUS should be able to repair the drive. Once that is done, it will be assigned a drive letter at the next boot and you can copy from it like any other drive.
  6. Ok so, I've hit a road block EASEUS doesn't see any problems with the partition and it wont let me copy the partition and data off the drive.
  7. Ok so I rebuilt the MBR but windows still doesn't see the HDD.
  8. BINGO!!!! GOT IT! I was able to finally assign a letter to the drive and windows saw it right away. I can't believe I missed that option!
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