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Hello, until recently I could access http://www.dollarclickorsignup.com/ from my home. My friend however, can pull it up from their house. We both have the same ISP (ComCast). I have also contacted the site admin and they say my account looks fine and they don't know why I can't access it. As such I was wondering what could be causing the error message from my house?

My Computer:

OS: Windows XP Professional SP 3
Browers used: Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Fire Fox
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  1. A 403 error is a server side issue, so the only things that might possibly be affecting your ability to log into the site would be a corrupted login cookie, or somehow your password changed. So you can try clearing your cookies, or even going in and selectively deleting just the cookie for that site, and then trying again.

    I would be a bit dubious of the cookie idea if three different browsers all give you the same problem.
  2. That is the thing that has puzzled me, I have cleared my cache in each of the browsers and flushed my dns cache but I still get the same error. But yet my friend can access it from his house which is 40 mins away with the same ISP.
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