First system build newbie questions

Good Morning All,

I am attempting to do one of my first system builds. So far I have purchased:

-- Asus P8Z68-V/Gen3 MoBo
-- Cooler Master HAF full tower 932 Advanced case
-- Asus 120 GB S511 SSD
-- Corsair HX850W Pwr Supply
-- Intel Core i7-2600K CPU
-- Lite-On IHAS424-98 DVD/CD
-- 16 GB (4x4gb) Corsair DDR3 memory
-- Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler

Still to get:
1. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse
2. probably 2 HDD in Raid 0
3. Blu-Ray burner
4. Graphics card

My Questions:
a. Can/Should I do a Raid 0 on two SSD's for the OS? Would this be better for speed? OR
should I do a Raid 0 on two HDD and use for very often used programs and data storage?
b. My graphics requirements are at least three, maybe four monitors all for the desktop. I do scientific computing/numerical analysis/fourier analysis.
No gaming at all. What's a good all around graphics card to support simulation, math processing/graphs/real-time FFT's, etc?
c. Any recommendations for inexpensive monitors? I'd like 24" 1920x1260 min resolution.
d. Any recommendations for a blu-ray burner? Is there anything faster than a 12x out there?
e. Should I consider a Cherry switches mechanical keyboard?

Any help would certainly be very appreciated! Thanks so much!
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  1. Hi Chucke2,

    I have the Cooler Master V8 on an i5-2500k and it keeps it running at a cool 40c; it's better than the V6 because it doesn't cover the RAM slots.
    For inexpensive monitors, I picked up 2 24" HANNS-G monitors from newegg for $140 ea. and they look great.
  2. how much do you want to spend?
  3. armand_h said:
    how much do you want to spend?

    I'd like to keep each monitor to $250 if possible, but could be talked into $300/per.
  4. a:if Money is not a problem then answer is yes! 2 SSD in raid will be awsome!))
    and raid 0 on HDD for data is a little bit risky! if you lost your raid array you will lost all of your data!

    b: HD6950 is a good choice ! or zotac GTX560 2gb! it cost 50$ less than 6950

    c: DELL P2411H are good and stylish monitors and you can buy them for ~250$

    d: no there is not! the Pioneer BDR-S06XLB is one of good blu-ray burners ~150$
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