ATi 8500LE vs GeForce 6200?

Hi guys i have another question for you,

I have 2 spare PC's since my parents switched to laptops and I'm giving one to my brother but need help debating which one will probably be better for his needs.
He only uses the computer to do his homework, watch Youtube 'poops' :sarcastic: and play runescape/the sims 2.

The specs for the two are relatively the same;
PC1: AMD K7 Sempron 2600+
1gb ram
Uses an ATi Radeon 8500LE 64mb @AGPx4

PC2: AMD K8 Sempron 2500+
1gb ram
Uses onboard GeForce 6100 (set to 128mb)

PC2 does have a PCI-E port but unless you can suggest a better gfx card thats less than a tenner then I say hell to that :P

It mostly falls down to the graphics, so which is the better PC for him?

Many Thanks in advance!
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  1. if all down to the graphics? the 6100 wins easily, but whats the clock speeds of the CPU's ?
  2. You realize the 6100 is an IGP, I have no idea.
    Perhaps an oldie like TGGA or cjl can clear this one up?
  3. K8 Sempron is faster than K7 Sempron and newer. At least the 6100 supports DX9 the 8500 is only DX7 or 8 and it is lame edition.
  4. Thanks for the response guys,

    I noticed the onboard 6100 supports pixel shader v3.0 compared to 8500's v1.4 so it'll also allow some newer games to be run on minimum too.

    Thanks again :)
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