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Can anyone help me out here?.

I'am on windows 7 32 bit and there is a problem.

My processor (below). It wont show the temperature of the cpu it weird on every monitoring program i cannot se teperature but if i use my other spare processor (sempron le-1300) it show's up (my amd athlon 3.0 ghz broke now these are all i have) so please help i want to kno the temperture of my athlon

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  1. please guys help me out please?.
  2. PLEASE i begging help why cant i check temperture of this cpu
  3. Go into bios and check temperature there. If not Available you need to set up hardware monitoring in the bios.
  4. but it works with my other procesoor
  5. Can anyone answer my question

    is it the driver

    where can i dowanload drivers for my processor?.
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