TPC 812

Thinking of purchasing this for my i5-3570k, trying to OC up to 4.5 Ghz stable. Is it a good cooler for the price? Since I have only ever owned a CM 212+, how good is it in comparison? The CM 212+ is on an old build and the current build is the i5-3570k. Also thinking of purchasing the IC7 Diamond thermal compound. In terms of fans, is the stock fan enough? Or would an AP-15 be good to put on it?
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  2. Thanks for the link. In the review it suggests adding a second fan. Which kind of fan would match the one on the TPC 812?
  3. I'd first see the performance with one fan, then decide if I'd want to add another one.
  4. Thanks.
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  6. i dont think the 212 is enough for 4.5 ghz.

    i got the cooler master 812 cooler for a 4.5 ghz. havent oc yet
  7. 4.5 is where the cpu get really hot.

    2500k ismuch cooler than 3570k
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