Strange Problem I cant fix

Hello there, I recently built a new system (well a few months ago). And on and off when the power to the house runs out this occurs. I dont know why it does this. and after resolving it always works fine again. Its got stuck like this before and I somehow manged to resolve it. This time however I cant. Ive taken the whole thing to part and put it back together.

The problem. First symptoms. Booting up Windows 7 - Instead of the usual graphic of some coloured balls going into a Windows 7 logo. It stays as a Windows 7 flag logo and flashes REALLY REALLY fast.

Login Screen, with a USB keyboard when typing 1 letter. it types about 30 and you cant login, also, the keyboard cursor is blnking 3 times the rate it normally does.

If using a PS2 keyboard. The PC logs into Windows. Avast fails to run properly however, and MSN does not log in, but gerneral browser stuff works fine - strange?

Previous methods of fixing I did.

I found that when this happened. If I opened my case, Unplugged the 2nd Harddrive (which is IDE) and then try to boot (the same flashing issue and keyboard issue will follow - then restarting with it plugged back in)
This used to resolve the issue and it would allow windows to boot as normal.

My setup is as follows.

I got a main HDD on a SATA, and a DVDRW on a SATA. and an IDE as a secondary HDD which is set as slave. And boot settings are all properly set up within my BIOS.

I have also removed the CMOS battery and redone the BIOS to be sure it was nothing from within.

The PSU is made from Coolermaster as well as the case. Tempartures are all at a normal level also. The PC does not BSOD or crash. But on several tries has done a CHKDISK. But due to its 3x the speed booting I dont get a chance to read the report.
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  1. Anyone got any idea's what could be the problem? and where I should start looking?
  2. After playing with every wire. trying to boot the PC without the +4pin and just the 24pin block of the power connector to motherboard. And then trying withi t back in. and a different end of the 4pin (yellow and black wired) connecter that connects the Mobo to nearby the CPU fan. Strangely enough it has worked.

    I will have to see what happens the next time it cuts me out. and see if I am able to recover it.
    if so i will post results. But please to the knowledgable people here.

    post in still. Its an issue I dont know the cause of and would love to get head round it, and maybe it could help others.
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