Phenom 965 and asus m4a785-M

Hi, i had a few questions and i am kind of a noob at pc's :o any help would be nice thanks you :)
I recently bought a phenom 965(125 BE) and asus motherboard (m4a785-M)and was wondering what is the normal temperature for those kinds of MB. Asus Probe II was reading my MB teacher 42-45 while idling but my cpu was lower with 30-35ish(same in the bios). I thought it was heating and decided to get a replacement because when installing it, i got a few scratches on my case and MB so should i have done that or was the temperature OK?

My second question is is 600 psu enough for a phenom 965 BE, asus m4a1785, Ge force 9800 GT OC 512, ddr2 4gb ram 800mhz, a SATA HD 750gb 32 mb, 1 dvd/cd drive and a 2-3 fans. I wont be overclocking at all. Once again anything you guys can tell me would be awesome thanks!
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  1. My bad its 9800 gt 512!
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