How to disable dynamic voltage on Llano

I overclocked my AMD A6-3500 to 2,6 GHz, but problem is that I want to do some tests and when I open CPU-Z CPU voltage is "jumping" from 0,9 V to 1,2 V. Voltage is also set manualy in BIOS and my motherboard is Gigabyte A55M-S2V, version of BIOS is F7a. So how can I disable dynamic voltage ?? And could you recommend me a program for setting voltage, FSB freq. and CPU ratio from Windows, because those tests I have to do from Windows. (I tried Easy tune 6 but it didn´t work)

Thanks for your answers
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  1. that is cool N' quiet acting, it shouldn't be an issue because it changes with load, but if you go into your bios it can be disabled there
  2. Okey, and would you recommend me any software, something like PhenomMsrTweaker but it has to work on A6-3500 ???
  3. Never mind. AMD Overdrive works perfect !
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