My hard disk is missing

okay, im having a trouble with my pc, just like evryday, i was enjoying a nice game, but suddenly it froze up, i closed it, and then the whole pc froze, nothing happend, and then i got explorer.exe has stopped working
i restarted my pc, got this error
did that, nothing happend
then i used a program called liveboot so i can start up computer and atleaste check wats wrong, and i found out that my C: and D: partitions are gone :( playese help! :(
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  1. See if you can get your partitions back with this.
  2. thx, gona try it out right now
  3. okay i opend evrything up, and the program, dosent detect a single partition
  4. You can try testdisk, but your drive may not be recoverable at this point.
  5. ow and i forgot to say
    1st: i already had this problem alot of times, and the partitions automaticly appear in about 10 minutes but not now
    a few minutes ago it recoverd but i got a blue screen on loading screen
  6. ran testdisk, it found only my cd-drive but not my partitions
  7. Sounds like a dead drive. When you started getting drive issues you should have checked it with whatever drive checking tools your manufacturer provide. (meaning check Western Digital, Seagate, etc website for whatever program they offer.) It will scan your drive and tell you if something is wrong. Download the tool now and see if it can help you. But odds are the drive is dead.
  8. il try that out, but the thing is, the partitions started to recover, but then, when windows starts to load, i get a blue screen with alot of stuff in it, but it dissapears after 1 seconds and tries to start windows again, blue screen again and over and over again
  9. ^+1

    Yeah, you should have run diagnostics the first time this happened. Odds are the drive is unusable.
  10. well that sucks, but i just found 1 thing
    if i turn off pc for 10 minutes, the partitions get recovered, the pc starts normally, but then partitions gets deleted again after about 5 minutes
  11. Well, if you manage to get it to come back for more than a few minutes, I'd try to back it up. In fact, you can try slaving it in another computer and see if you have better results.
  12. Ok. Perhaps I wasn't clear. If the drive is dying, you don't want to be using it. Keep the computer off until you are ready to try and recover. Pull the drive and put it in a different computer. Boot, and start pulling things off as you can. If its a dying drive, the partitions won't come back forever.

    It could be something funny with windows, but I discount that because you said the live boot program didn't see it. Pull off what you can/run diagnostics to see whats going on. Don't keep rebooting to see if they stay.
  13. okay thx, but just 1 thing before i do that, i tried using partition boot manager to see if i can do something, and it said that the C: disk is corrupted and that the program just needs to reinstall it but, il do like u said
  14. Of course it says that, because it can't find a usabale partition on the drive and it most likely wants you to reformat it. As stated, don't use the drive unless you are actively trying to backup the data on it.
  15. okay so i found that one of my cables is badly damaged, by my cat probably, bought a new one and evrything works perfectly, thx for the help :)
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