1st OC - Stress test before OC?

Hey everyone! I'm building a 3570k (Hyper 212 evo) system and it'll be my first overclock.

My main question is do you suggest stress testing before overclocking or should I just OC when the system is up and running?

Also, what programs should I use to test with? I've seen Prime95 and CPU-Z tossed around the forums. Are these good tools or should I look for something else?

I also appreciate any do's and donts from your personal experiences that I should be lookin out for.
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  1. I think there's no need to stress test before OC unless you want to check temperatures or whatever for comparison.

    Those 2 programs serve a different purpose. Prime95 causes stress so it is used to test stability while CPU-Z just provides useful information about your components. You will also need a temperature reading program like Core Temp or Real Temp.

    The do's and donts are very simple: read everything you can before OC,watch out for temperatures and be very careful with voltages.You can also search online for what other people have managed to do with your setup so you know what you can/can't do
  2. U can run also IntelBurnTest and monitor the temps with the Coretemp:

  3. Quote:
    what motherboard.?

    Asus P8Z77-V LK
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