Help! video playback is choppy

So I Just bought a 32" insignia 720p 60hz refresg rate.. 6.5 ms response time and hooked it up to my asus nvidia 9800gt energy effecient model. my graphics card only has 2x dvi so i used a dvi to hdmi converter and hooked it up this way. When i play call of duty 6 on full specs it runs perfectly and flawlessly. But when i try to play a dvd that I've downloaded or even a dvd from the store, I start to get this refresh lines on the screen.. like it looks ok but it gets really annoying after a while especially since i spent like 500 bucks on this tv.. I want to know if its the tv or if its my graphics card? I just updated the driver on it to the newest version but this doesnt change anything.. any views people? :)
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  1. do you mean screen tearing?
    if so force v-sync on in the nvidia control panel
  2. ^+1
    try as fps dominator said... :)
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