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Hey guys,
Ok so built my system a while back now, and everything is fine, except within the last two month or so the rear fan, has become very loud.

I've taken it all apart and cleaned it; the only other thing i changed to the system was my CPU cooler, and when i did that 3 month ago my computer was near silent, you couldnt even tell it was turned on;

so my question is why is my rear fan making so much noise now?

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  1. A very confusing way to put the question.
    I can't figure out which fan is making the noise? Was it the CPU fan that you changed? But if it wasn't making any noise why did you end up changing that?
    If it was the rear fan that was making noise , why didn't you change that?

    Now that you've changed the CPU fan , which fan seems to be making the noise, the CPU fan or the Rear case fan?
    What way is the air being pushed by the rear cabinet fan?
  2. Read it back and sorry it is pretty confusing; In my defense i just woke at the time!

    3 Month ago i installed a new CPU fan = Near silent couldn't even tell computer was turned on;
    2 Month ago the rear NB case fan got very loud

    I changed the CPU fan because i had a better cooler, not because of the noise:
    Case fan is pushing Airflow out
  3. "NB case fan"?
    North Bridge????
  4. Thats what it says in bios;
    Running at 1300rpm
  5. Connect the fan to a header called chassis fan on the mobo.
  6. My motherboard only has NB fan SYS fan And CPU fan slots
  7. What motherboard is this?
    Could you give us the make and model?
  8. GA-880-Gm -UD2H
  9. The board has just 2 fan headers on the CPU Fan Header (Just to the left top of the RAM Slots)
    Ann the second is the SYS FAN header (right under the last PCI Slot).
    Where is the NB Fan Connected?
  10. Just above the PCI-E slot

    on the left
  11. OK, I see it, try to connect the rear fan to the sys-fan header below the last pci slot.
  12. I'll give it a go, i just took it out completely last night with minor changes to temps aswell
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