Sata HDD does not show in bios

I bought a new sata hdd Samsung HD103SJ which I don't have managed to get working. In Bios there are no rows where i could make bios to detect my hdd.

Things i have done: because i forgot a bios password, i had to reset cmos (with jumper), i updated bios, Samsung's boot-program do not find my sata drive (something un-samsung drive = my ide drive?).

There is a message in XP:s Device Manager "SCSI - Via Sata Raid Controller" ?

Why can't i find any rows from my bios where i could change detect-things?

MotherBoard AsRock K7VT6, bios 1.60, 2Gb, original hard drive IDE 80Gb.
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  1. Do you have it plugged in correctly? Power and data cable attached?

    Looking up your motherboard I'm not sure you'll ever get this working. From what I've been told, the Via KT600 chipset can't run the SATAII drives. Even if you jumper them for SATA I operation it simply won't work. Make sure you have the jumper on the drive that limits it to SATA 1.0 speeds. But if what I was told is right, you need a different hdd. (SATAI drive to be exact.)
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