Odd power loss after a second at startup. Might b more complicated

My pc froze, so I shut it down. Then when it was rebooting, the USB
keyboard wouldn't work at the startup screen so I coudlnt type in my password. So I reset again and the mouse wouldn't work now, but the
lights on the mouse were still on.

So I reset again, this time by holding down the power bar. Then at the
windows screen, it froze halfway, you know where it says windows and
the bars fill up.

So I reset again, and this time it froze at the memory check.

So now I am like WTF.  So I reset again, and tried to tap del to get
the setup in the bios, which worked, seemed the bios went back to it's
original settings, which was ok.

Then I hit f10 or whatever to get out. It loaded the windows screen,
asking me how woul like to start up, ie safemode, last known config. T
froze when the countdown was at 25.

So I reset again, and this time it loaded all the way to the desktop,
as if nothig happend. Then I clicked on the start button, it
froze again!!

Now the power will go on for a half a second, enough to spin all the
fans, then shut down!!

After watching a episode of family guy(awesome show btw)  I came back hoping it would turn on, and holycrap it did! But, it froze again...

Now I'm stuck where it won't power up for more than a second...

before I wrote this I also readable bunch of forums and tried alot of them, here's what concluded;
no issue with the ram, the cd drives work ok. The Sata hds work fine I have like 4 of them. Although I haven't tried the other hds, of which I have 2, of which 1 has windows xp, and the other is a 250gig mule.
I don't think the psu is an issue, because the light on the mouse is on, the mobo light is on. It also hasn't given me a problem in the past when I was testing my OC thresholds. 500w btw.
My CPU is an intel pentium 205 d 2.66ghz, running at 3.66 ghz, 1.45v. The heatsink is a giant naultilus with 3 120mm fans blowing on it, so if it is an issue with that it must be a fry, which wouldn't make sense because it does work... When it wants to.
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    What brand is your PSU? Just because the lights are on, doesn't mean it's working correctly. Judging by what you've said, I'd lean PSU the most. Do you have a spare known working you can throw in there to eliminate that leg?
  2. Hmm I don't have a spare one laying around, I'll go pick one up and update you.
  3. While I'm there, any suggesions on what I would need for:
    4 sata hds
    2 other hds
    2 dvdrs
    USB keyboard, mouse, linksys wireless adapter
    noctua heatsink
    3 120mm fans
    2 80mm fans
    4 ram chips (corsair 1024, 840 MHz) at 2.10v
    intel pentium 205 d 2.66ghz at 3.66 ghz 1.45v
    and ati 256mb (iforgot the name) with a arctic cooler hear sink
  4. Quote:
    I cant imagine how the psu brand is relevant, but I would suspect the psu first as having died.

    The main intention behind asking what type of PSU was in the machine was to see if it was a high quality PSU, or a Rocketfish. I'd sincerely look at that PSU first as well though.
  5. Ok so u just pickedup a 650w ultra lsp. Hopefully that will work. Will keep you guys posted if I can remeber how to do this thing haha.
  6. If this works, I owe you guys a beer!
  7. Good luck! Remember to start with the PSU plugged in, but switched off, and check all your connections twice!
  8. Quote:
    I still fail to see how if its a Rocketfish or Corsair is relevent. He's having problems. Brand is not a factor. lol

    And that sir, is the beauty of a forum! Discussion of topics from different backgrounds and experiences. I've never, not once, seen a Corsair PSU "sort of fail". I've seen one completely flatline, but never partially. Rocketfish, however....

    Quite certain he'll find that new PSU resolves his issues though.
  9. the only logo i see on the power supply is Ultra V series, ATX switching power supply.
  10. Now with that said and done, I have something else to add.

    The new PSU works, and everything is back to normal!! so thank you gentlemen, if you are ever in toronto i will buy you a beer.

    The problem;

    as i started doing an autopsy of the old PSU i saw that the 4 pin PCI-E had unusual features. I had smelt something unusual around the time of this happening, but thought it was last night's shepard's pie, and thought nothing of it.

    Turns out, the pins melted the plastic around it, which might have accounted for the inconsistent power outtages. Must have been a safety feature on the old PSU.

    Also, some pins, specifically 1 or 2 pins out of a line of 4, became partially dislodged, as in you tap the wire and it could be the difference between connected and disconnected, which may have been contributing to the lack of consistency of power.
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