Need help with new system

I will be buying a new system soon(around april). Right now i am using

P4 3.0 socket 478
1gb ram ddr 1
Asus p4p800d-x
nvidia 6600gt

this will be my new system set up

4gb ram ddr 3 1333
ati hd 5770

I would like to really know how long it would last. Things i will be doing with my pc are

converting movies
mild gaming
listening to songs watching movies surfing internet
some graphic designing stuff like photoshop, illustrator, flash, dreamweaver and fireworks
alot of powerpoint and word
will be running windows 7 ultimate 32bit(i know it wont see all the 4gb of ram)

i am on a budget but will be able to get a q9550 with a few hick ups :P
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  1. Hi!
    Its good, enjoy. about life it depends
  2. 32 bit OS will not see all 4 GB of RAM.
  3. Hi mathews and jsc
    thanks for the reply.
    I konw it wont see all the 4gb butincase iwould like to try out or migrate to 64bit.
    so any thoughts on q9550 and q9400(which one i sould go with?)
  4. You can save yourself $20 by going for Windows 7 Professional instead of Ultimate, unless you feel you need BitLocker or the ability to switch languages:
  5. Hey thanks.
    I forgot to look at the price tag for professional. Its almost 2000 baht difference:P(i live in Thailand). How about home premium?
  6. Home Premium is good too, as long as you won't need XP mode or the ability to backup to a network. Apparently you can upgrade Windows 7 versions, although I have never done that, so you could get Home Premium and if your needs change in the future you can upgrade to a more expensive Windows version.

    But I would suggest getting the 64-bit version - as long as your video conversion programs and games will work with it (you may have to do some research through google to check that).
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    If you're looking for a long-lasting system which you can easily upgrade along the way then I would be tempted to go for an i5, maybe the 750 would be a good choice. The LGA775 socket isn't going to have any further processors built for it and especially since ur doing a new build I would go for the i5 just for the added future-proofing. The i5 750 performs very well in games and will breeze converting movies, photoshopping and anything else you can throw at it.

    On the other hand, if you're budget is a little tighter then why not look at an AMD Athlon II or Phenom II X4 chip. They both offer very good peformance for the money and I think the AM3 socket has a little more life in it than the LGA775.

    If it were me I would be heading the AMD route but of course it up to you :) Good luck whichever you choose!
  8. OK. So if i go with i-5 750 should i go with the p55 or h55 board?
    I am starting to consider the i-5 now!
  9. By the way which board should i go with if i choose the p55 board

    ASUS P7P55M
  10. OK. If i would go with an i-5 system this would be the spec. Please comment on it.

    i-5 750
    ASROCK P55 pro
    DDRIII 1333 2gb x 2
    HIS HD 5770
    Giagabit 550 watt
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