Is this compatible???

will these be compatible with each other in order to get 6gbs of memory
G. Skill 2x1gb
G. Skill 2x2gb
they have the same memory timing and voltage, but i dont know what im talking about...
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  1. My question is "Why do you want or need 6GB of RAM?"

    It will work as they match in voltage, timings & MHz. However, there are very few appilications that will benefit from more than 4GB of RAM. In those cases, you be better off with getting two sets of the 4GB kit, so you would have 8GB of RAM
  2. I guess I don't really need 6gbs... In that case i will probably just do 2x2gb 1800 oc'd. Is their a benefit to oc'd memory?
  3. You will benefit more going with DDR3 1600 Cas7 versus DDR3 1800 Cas9, as lower Cas (timings/latency) are more important than MHz.
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    Yes they are compatible. They are the same memory standard, no matter the different models or brand. Don't listen to the guys who say, why do you want or need that much memory.. they are the broke ones who could not afford it, which is why they are trying to get you to buy less. Trust me you will need 6gb sooner or later and it is best to have it now so that you do not find yourself having to order again.
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  6. thanks guy
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