SLI 460s on a am3 board?

So i just put together my computer a month ago with my amazing ati radeon 4350 lol and am now upgrading my graphics card(s).
I have a MSI 890fx-gd70 board and i think i read somewhere that i cant do sli on it. Is this true? If so will a pair of 5830s be any good? I ask this because i am going to buy one card and a monitor now (1920x1200 25.2inch) and was thinking about buying the other one down the road, and my last question is, if im close enough should i just wait for the radeon 6xxx series? I also might consider a toxic 5850 but thats as high as i can go.
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    You cannot SLI on any AMD boards besides the ones with nvidia chipsets like the 980a.

    A pair of 5830s performs better than the 5870 in most games. If you need the additional GPU power now, get the 5850. If you can wait for a series of graphics cards with an unknown release date and price, go for it.
  2. dam the 460s were looking good, anyway thank you for the answer.
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