Biostar TA890FXE temp problem

Just finished my build but I am haveing some temp problems with the board. My Temps on speed fan idle are

Temp1: 29c
Temp2: 61c
Temp3: 29c
Core: 33c

--CPUID HWmonitior--
CPU: 28c
Mainboard: 61c
TMPIN2: 30c

Under CPUID my mainboard temp is 61c aswell, isnt that a little to hot?
i dont understand what could be causing this. I've read a view reviews about the board and they say that CPUID gives a false board readout and that its actually alot lower than what it says.

What could be causing this and how can I fix it/get a acurate reading

my comp is
x4 955BE
xfx 5870 1gb
biostar ta890fxe
4g ripjaw 1600 ddr3
750w psu
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  1. bump for urgency.
    also the only temps im seeing in the bios are CPU TEMP and SYS TEMP both of which are around 30c.

    Also just messed around with it after id had it running for a few hours. nothing feels hot the back of the board was cool.. area around the NB heat sink was cool.. I'm starting to think it is just messed up readout like the reviews on newegg said but, I'm not sure still hoping someone can shed some light on this.

    So far i've also had 0 lag.
  2. I just got that board with a 965 and have the exact same problem, that one temp fluttters around the 60c mark no matter what I do :/ even when my cpus tmps reading 28c

    I tried touching it too, nothing feels warm enough to merit the temp it says it is, I also hope it is some kind of false readout.
  3. I'm thinking it must be cause I've had no problems with the system so far. I would still like to hear some other more experienced peoples opinions on this matter tho.
  4. I've had the TMPIN1 go up to 70c for no reason however when I used speedfan it gave me a different reading then AMD overdrive. My CPU temps however no longer work not sure why, they were working when I first installed the Motherboard.....
  5. i have had the same problem from mine. my tech level is somewhat low. but imo my nb/sb heatsink feels a little warm to the touch (slightly over room temp). and with cpuid hwmonitor on i can push just a little on the heat sink and after a minute or 2 the temp starts to go down. im running in the low 70's btw on hw. after 2-3 min it drops 4-5 degrees. i think it just not set tight enough. is there a way too take it off and put new thermal paste on it? and possibly tighten it up. i have never put a full load on this pc due to i think it might burn up.
    i hope it is a misreading but i think it a design flaw. just my op though.
    hope some one can provide some better info.
    i could use some help here.
    im thinking of buying a new board. would rather fix this if i can though.
    anyone got any good tips on a 990fx board?
  6. I've had my ta890fxe for about 2 years, and I remember worrying about this problem before. I had uninstalled HWmonitor because I had experienced problems with its other temp readings as well, but I'm now revisiting my oc on this system and I'm running into the mainboard temp problem again.

    In the bios it reads about 30C idle for both CPU and SYS, while in HWmonitor CPU and the two other main temps listed are still 30 C but mainboard reads 60 C idle, and gets up to 82 C under full load for a few hours. Doesn't feel anything close to that to the touch.

    I have read reviews stating this mobo runs hot but can take a thermal beating, so that's one explanation, but if you ask me I'd say it's a faulty reading b/c the bios is most likely to have the proper calibration on the thermal sensor, while HWmonitor is built for universality and probably has glitches on some specific gauges.

    I've been pushing this thing hard in terms of voltage and so far no indications of damage (though I think my cooling is pretty good). Still it can't ever hurt to double check that your heatsink is set properly; I've also read several reviews of this board that mentioned that as a problem they had to fix.

    Hope that helps!
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