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Im trying to overclock my Q6600 on a ASUS P5N-E SLI board. It has 5,10,15,20% presets. Its being cooled my a thermatake ruby orb. Would it be ok just to increase the presets without having to change anything else?
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  1. 600w coolermaster psu
    2x2 GB crucial Ballistix Ram
  2. from what ive read, if its going to be under 3.0Ghz, the auto preset should be able to handle. however, its still best to manually adjust the ram timings. stock voltage should be fine for that overclock.
  3. You can switch your FSB from 266 to 333 without any other changes and immediately run 3.0ghz without issues. You will want to stress test to validate stability, but this almost always works for this chip.
  4. i have the same CPU and mobo and i have tried some of the presets over the years and some of them just make windows 7 bluescreen. so you will have better luck doing it manually
  5. The 20% preset just blue screens after windows load. its running at 2.8ghz. any advice on the ram timings or voltage?
  6. my cpu runs pretty cold with the cooler i have. at the 10% OC (2.6ghz) its running at 25C idle. Jumps to 27c when playing crysis on full so im pretty confident i could go 3ghz.
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