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Right, my computer i use for my gaming is a Amd II X2 Athlon running at 2.6GHz each, 1TB HDD, 5.6GB RAM, Nvidia 9500GT GEForce, and a Gigabyte Motherboard, 22" LG monitor 1080HD running on DVI & Toshiba 19" HD 720

I would like to Upgrade this a little but not to much, I was thinking of Getting a Nvidia 9800GT+ for Replacing the 9600GT, And also Upgrading the proccessors. not sure what to replace them with tho so ideas on that ?

AND I Want to build and sell Gaming computers, now what im a little scared of is buying Graphics cards and processors that dont work with motherboards... motherboards are the only thing i dont understand.. some tips ? Looking around for Nvidia 8200 + up to 9800GT2's With Sli... all sorts with around 300 up to 3 TB HDD .. will want to build all sorts from the Casual gamer to the Extream Gamers what sort of Motherboards would be best to use in these situations ? ones that would be Compatable All around instead of having to order loads of different ones.

Feel Free to Email me for more information

Thanks for the help (:
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  1. And also Upgrading the proccessors. not sure what to replace them with tho so ideas on that ?

    Ummmm are you saying AMDx2 means 2 processors... because it doesn't its a single CPU die with 2 cores on it unless you are running a dual socket motherboard are you?

    Now for motherboard compatibility your main concerns should be socket EG 1366, 1156, 775, AM3.... And so on, this is just the socket for the processor you just have to make sure the processor is the same socket. Next thing is if the motherboard is Crossfire or SLI compatible this only matters if you are going to do either of these but make sure your motherboard is compatible with the one you decide on going with. Finally RAM compatibility, make sure you motherboard has support for the Speed eg 1000mhz, 1333mhz, 1600mhz,.... and so on, make sure it is the same Type of RAM eg DDR3, DDR2, DDR, SDRAM... and finnaly how many pins the ram is but this one isnt a big concern any more.
  2. List your specs the best you can.............. the 9800 won't be much of an "upgrade' over the 9600.
  3. Well i have 2 processors its Duel core 2.6 each so total of 6.2GHZ :P

    Well im not sure what motherboard i actualy have... once i upgraded to Windows 7 i couldnt use the Gigabyte Bios as it was all for Vista... i do want a SLI Compatible Motherboard, the one i have might even be so. becuase the Nvidia 9800GT+ Works with Triple . using SLi ?
  4. @Swifty_Morgan

    Well true yes, but The 9600GT only works on it's own, where the 9800GT+ you can pair 3 of them up on Sli ?
    i was reading that on Nvidia. looks pretty awsome thought it would be a better thing to use..

    Also if this helps to people im a training Videogame Designer so i need Very Good Graphics and Fast computer.

    Tips are more than welcome
  5. Quote:
    Well i have 2 processors its Duel core 2.6 each so total of 6.2GHZ :P

    Oh my, I'm not trying to start a bashing or anything, but dual core is still just 1 Processor just it has two cores running simultaneously. Second I may check my math if I were you because 2.6x2 does not equal 6.2 Also dual cores dont work like that they dont stack together to make a cpu with twice the power of the clock speed, even in games and applications that support dual and quad cores they are not as effective as say a single core processor twice of four times the speed.
  6. Nightshade, don't take this the wrong way, but you need to nerd out and learn about some of things that you are discussing in this thread. I'm saying this only because you say you want to buy and sell gaming computers, a fun, viable way to make money. It is also a way to lose a lot of money if you don't know what's up.
  7. @Aloid... okay no need to split hairs, i typed the wrong button.

    @Festervic .. yeah okay i may not know as much as you. but i do what can go with what i did build my own set-up.. i was just asking for some advice on motherboards that go well with Nvidia 9800GT+ tripled up..

    i have the harddrive space, a good enough Wattage and the processors and i was just asking if you knew about better proccesoers to go with the motherboard..

  8. Nightshade, I wasn't trying to say anything about knowing more or less. I certainly did not mean to offend. My point more or less was that you mentioned selling gaming computers, and yet you are researching a card that is 3 generations older than the current lineup. Pair that with the fact that you claim to not understand motherboards, and don't know which processor to match with your rig. These all add up to a computer that any gamer that wants to spend money on will be scratching their head saying WTF?

    If I were you, I would be looking at the latest cpus, like i5 and i3, as well as value chips like AMD's athlon x4 and phenom II chips. Current graphics cards you want to look into are ATI 57xx series, 58xx series. Nvidia has some good cards, but I am out of touch with what is the best as far as cost/performance. Maybe the GTX 260 or 275?

    Motherboard wise, you need to know the differences between the chipsets. If you are building a crossfire/SLI setup, then it may (will) be important to know if the board supports x16 on both PCIe slots, otherwise there may be performance potential lost.
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